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GliSODin &  World vitiligo day

GliSODin & World vitiligo day

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GliSODin and the Association Française du Vitiligo (French Vitiligo Association) have joined forces to promote the association’s activity through a committed poster project.

‘We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Association Française du Vitiligo on this significant poster project,’ says François Vix, CEO and founder of ISOCELL laboratories (GliSODin is a registered trademark of ISOCELL laboratories). ‘As a company that champions skin health, it is of paramount importance for us to support vitiligo awareness and contribute to the research on this skin condition.’

GliSODin and the Association Française du Vitiligo are delighted to announce their collaboration in an inspiring poster project. This poster highlights the diversity of skin colours, the action of the association on this skin condition and conveys a positive message regarding the inclusion of difference.

This poster is used as part of an awareness campaign conducted by GliSODin and the Association Française du Vitiligo in doctors’ offices and places where patients or their relatives are likely to speak. The poster helps inform and opens communication on this skin condition that is still not sufficiently known or treated.

For further information on GliSODin and the Association Française du Vitiligo, please visit their websites at and


As soon as its new GliSODin V-SOD formula was released, ISOCELL laboratories wanted to stand as close as possible with those involved in the fight against vitiligo.

Accompanying and supporting people suffering from vitiligo are the reasons behind the creation of the Association Française du Vitiligo. ISOCELL laboratories wanted to invest in the causes championed by the association by collaborating in the creation of a poster. Its aim is to inform and support people suffering from vitiligo with a meaningful images and words. 

We wanted to step up our commitment. At the beginning of 2022, ISOCELL laboratories announced their support for research against vitiligo by donating €1 per box of GliSODin V-SOD purchased on

On October 15, 2022, ISOCELL laboratories and the AVENI Endowment Fund formalized their partnership. At the end of the calendar year, the company will pay a donation in euros equivalent to the number of boxes of V-SOD sold in 2022.

What is the AVENI fund? The fund supports research projects aimed at improving knowledge in the mechanisms of vitiligo, supporting innovation and improving the well-being of vitiligo patients. 

The mission of the AVNI endowment fund is to participate in the financing of projects of the Nice University Hospital. The Nice University Hospital is a national, European and worldwide reference centre for vitiligo research.

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