GliSODin Anti-aging

GliSODin Anti-aging

A food supplement to nourish and tone skin

Is your skin dehydrated, marked by wrinkles, lacking firmness, tone and elasticity?

GliSODin Anti-aging is a food supplement designed to combat cellular aging and protect the skin from the impact of time. The effectiveness of this formula lies in the combination of the key ingredients including Krill oil, rich in Omega-3, vitamin D and zinc.

Taking the GliSODin Anti-Aging formula helps you effectively reduce the signs of aging. Day after day, your skin is armed against stress and the passing of time. Invigorated, it regains its youthful glow and firmness.

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How to choose the duration needed ?
Une boîte est composée de 60 gélules, le pack 1 mois intense, à 4 gélules jour est composé de 2 boites pour bien démarer un programme, par la suite il est conséillé de prendre 1 boite par mois à raison de 2 gélules par jour.