GliSODin Skin brightening

GliSODin Skin brightening

An antioxidant food supplement to improve skin radiance and protect it from sun damage

Is your skin dull, prone to imperfections or sensitive to the sun? Is your complexion lacking an even skin tone and radiance?

GliSODin Skin brightening is a food supplement designed to protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun and promotes a clear complexion, enhancing the beauty of your skin. The effectiveness of this formula lies in the combination of the key ingredients, GliSODin the melon extract rich in SOD, borage seed oil, lemon balm, and vitamins C and E.

When coping with environmental factors and their adverse effects on the skin, taking the GliSODin Skin Brightening formula helps you avoid the appearance of imperfections. Day after day, your skin regains its beauty, radiance and evens out its skin tone.

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