Borage oil

Borage oil food supplement

Borage oil: an essential supplement

If food supplements with borage oil are becoming widespread, there is a reason. Borage, a wild plant of the Boraginaceae family, stands out with its star-shaped blue flowers and leaves covered with white hairs.

Today, it is mostly cultivated and harvested for the precious oil extracted from its seeds.

Its benefits reside in the fact that, in the plant world, borage oil is the highest known source of an omega 6 fatty acid called gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA).

GLA is considered an essential fatty acid useful to a high percentage of the population unable to produce it effectively. And, with age, the body gradually manufactures less GLA.

Borage Oil Supplement: Skin Beauty Benefits

Skin thrives on the beneficial effects of borage oil, particularly because of its high content (20%) in GLA. This omega 6 fatty acid effectively helps maintain beautiful, revitalized skin.

When skin is subjected to external aggressions, the rate of GLA decreases. This food supplement with borage oil helps restore the loss and promote skin beauty.


Which Food Supplement with Borage Oil Should I Choose for Skin Beauty?

GliSODin Anti-aging : Thanks to borage oil, this food supplement helps maintain a beautiful-looking skin.

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