GliSODin General health
GliSODin General health
For health and well-being
A food supplement that protects against oxidative stress and free radical activity to boost your vitality and fight fatigue.
GliSODin Skin brightening
GliSODin Skin brightening
To improve skin radiance and protect it from sun damage
An antioxidant food supplement that gives your skin a lasting radiance and a blemish-free complexion that is brighter with a more even skin tone.
GliSODin Anti-aging
GliSODin Anti-aging
Tones and nourishes skin
An anti-aging food supplement that helps maintain beautiful skin with natural ingredients, giving it a youthful glow while slowing down the effects of time.

More than 15 years of research on combating oxidative stress and its consequences on aging

Made in France. Developed by nutritionists and formulated for optimal results.
GliSODin products
Food supplements formulated from carefully selected natural ingredients.
Scientific and clinical
Formulate with nutraceuticals in therapeutic doses to boost the effectiveness of your beauty regime.