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Taking care of your skin from a new perspective

Sun, pollution, every day the body is subjected to environmental factors that trigger stress and the production of free radicals. A complete and effective skincare routine should include a nutricosmetic supplement. Daily supplementation with GliSODin provides essential natural ingredients that strengthen and protect your skin from within.

antioxydant food supplement for skin

GliSODin food supplements

GliSODin general health

GliSODin General Health

Protect and maintain a healthy skin. GliSODin To strenghten is a food supplement designed to optimize the dermatologist treatments results.

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GliSODin Anti-aging

GliSODin Anti-aging

This omega-3 and antioxidant-rich formula limits age- and lifestyle-related damage. It can be combined with moisturizing creams and anti-aging serums to improve skin quality.

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GliSODin Skin brightening

GliSODin Skin brightening

A unique combination of active ingredients that give your skin long-lasting radiance, with a glowing and flawless complexion.

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How to choose the duration needed ?
Choisissez votre complément alimentaire pour lutter contre la peau déshydratée

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The guide to nutricosmetics for your skin

The guide to nutricosmetics for your skin

27 03 2020
You will find all our tips for an effective beauty regimen using nutricosmetics.
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What is the manufacturing process of GliSODin?

What is the manufacturing process of GliSODin?

18 09 2019
The farmers we’ve partnered with, only cultivate these melons in the south of France, near Avignon. The melons are picked at maturity, like grapes for fine wines.
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What to do about brown spots on the skin?

What to do about brown spots on the skin?

06 12 2018
There are different types of spots on the skin: melasma, or chloasma, actinic lentigo or solar lentigo, senile lentigo, or age spots, post-inflammatory spots, and often acne scars. In a future article, we will present the various possible treatments that can be administered at home or in the office...
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Find over 16 tips for an effective beauty regimen using food supplements for your skin.

  • • Why use food supplements for your skin?
  • • 5 tips before taking nutricosmetics
  • • Preconceived notions about nutricosmetics
  • • Deciphering nutricosmetics formulas
  • • Which formula is right for you?
  • • An exclusive promo code to take the leap!

Nutricosmetics guide for skin care

More than 15 years of research on fighting oxidative stress and its consequences on aging

Made in France. Developed by nutritionists and formulated for optimal results.
GliSODin products
Food supplements formulated from carefully selected natural ingredients.
Scientific and clinical
Formulate with nutraceuticals in therapeutic doses to boost the effectiveness of your beauty regime.

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